A Perfect Newborn Baby

I have photographed several siblings of this beautiful family as they have welcomed newborn babies into their homes.  They have all been some of the kindest people that I have ever met.  I knew that when I got a call from this mama, it would be no exception!  What an easy shoot this was too!  Little D couldn’t have been a sweeter baby to work with!  He was a perfect sleeper!  It was like he read my mind and did what I hoped that he would do!  He was awake when I wanted him to be, and slept so soundly when I was hoping that he would!

The new parents are so sweet and laid back.  They are naturals at this baby stuff!  I love how patient they were when I was trying to get the perfect photo of mom and baby together.  I think that we nailed it!

I appreciate working with you D family!  You three have a beautiful bond and I look forward to watching D grow 🙂