A New Baby Brother

The last time that I worked with the J family, little T was still blissfully floating around in his mama’s tummy and little R took quite a while to open up to me.  What changes a few months can bring!

I know I say this sometimes and hate repeating myself but I swear that each time I work with a family it gets better and better!  As much as I loved our last photo session, I have to say that I love this one even more!  R is such a classically adorable little girl and was so proud to show me her really fancy air jordan sneakers.

We had a lot of fun playing around their house and in their yard.  Mom and Dad told me that T had just started smiling and they weren’t sure if we would get any smiles for pictures.  Well we were blessed with smile after smile from the little fella, and each one sent my camera’s little metal heart a-fluttering and shutter clicking.

Thank you again J family.  I adore you (even your pup!).



Baby smiles for photographer

Charlotte family photos in home

Children's photographer in Charlotte NC

Charlotte family outside photos