a beautiful newborn baby girl – Charlotte portrait photographer

dear little miss e…

the day that i met you was a sweltering hot charlotte day.  your parents were some of the sweetest people i’ve ever met and obviously adored their new baby. you opened your eyes so wide to look around, you wanted to see everything.  normally, newborns aren’t so alert!  you looked at me, at my crazy looking camera and photographer gear, your beautiful mommy, your loving daddy and your doting, protective doggies.  you heard a dog bark in the distance and i could tell you wanted to follow that noise in curiosity… what is it?  where is it coming from?

mommy and daddy held you and rocked you and then you fell asleep… a sleep that took you to beautiful dream lands while i snapped away!

thank you, little e!  you are so sweet and one day you will look back on these pictures and will be amazed at how tiny you once were!

XOnew parents with their newborn

Newborn baby girl and her daddy

Newborn Baby in Charlotte

newborn baby smiles!

Newborn Baby in Charlotte

this, to me, is the picture of new parenthood:

new parents with their newborn