a beautiful, happy, long-awaited ending!

Last July, I got a message from Justin (the groom), saying that he was going to be getting married in October and wanted to ask me about photographing it.  I don’t normally do weddings anymore since the family, kids and babies business has been booming, but I really liked Justin and agreed to talk to  him about it.  He was an old friend from my high school in Annapolis and we had remained Facebook friends. I always enjoyed reading his optimistic posts and seeing photos of his beautiful 3 children.  I had met Justin in a school play in high school, 21 years ago (yep I’m old).  My good friend Rachel and I had gotten small parts in the school play where Justin was the lead, and Rachel and I and all of the other girls in the play immediately developed huge crushes on the charismatic Justin.  As we sang and danced our way through Bye Bye Birdie practices, it came to light that Justin had a thing for Rachel as well, and the two of them began dating.  They dated for what seemed an eternity for high school relationships, and were the perfect couple.  Rachel was convinced that she was going to marry him.  Unfortunately, as most high school relationships go, they broke up , leaving Rachel pretty heartbroken.

So, fast forward 22 years, Justin and I are on the phone chatting about his upcoming nuptials.  “Well tell me about the wedding” I asked him.  “It’s going to be small, second weddings for both of us. We both have 3 children, so it will be about our families as much as us”.  Sounds pretty cool already, a real-life Brady bunch!  “Where?”  “Well, she lives in Charlotte, so it will be at a rock quarry in Mooresville”.  Sounds really cool.  “Tell me a little bit about your fiancee.. what is she like?”.  “Funny you should ask, because you know her. I met her the same day that I met you.”  NO WAY!  Rachel!!!

What a beautiful story!!!  This is truly a real-life fairy tale and I am SO honored that they chose me to photograph it!!  Their story is a long time and 6 children in the making.  Their families could not have joined more perfectly, like puzzle pieces meant for each other.  The kids adore each other- Justin’s 2 girls and boy and Rachel’s 2 boys and a girl.  They are best friends and seem like they’ve known each other their whole lives.

Being with them on their special day was amazing, just watching the love that they have for each other, the respect for each other as parents and individuals, and their vision going forward, raising this big crazy bunch together!

They wrote their own vows and there was something from Rachel about how long she had waited for this, I felt the tears rolling.  Luckily, I have auto focus and the pictures are fine (don’t worry guys).

So anyway, I had to post some photos from their wedding on the PERFECT October day at Carrigan Farms in Mooresville.  If you’re a local Charlotte person, you should definitely check that place out!  It’s beautiful.

Getting Ready

First Look Photo

the brady bunch

outdoor wedding photo at Carrigan Farms

reading vows

the bride and groom's daughters

after the ceremony

glorious sunset in Mooresville NC