A beautiful family

As we approach Father’s Day, I feel like this is an appropriate baby photo shoot to post.  This dad is about as involved as it gets.  He was the one that contacted me to tell me how much his wife loved my photography and wanted me to be their newborn photographer as they welcomed their baby boy.  I gave him my spiel about what to wear, what to expect and how the session would go.  I did get to speak to the mama briefly before the shoot as well.

Both parents were so hands-on with this sweet baby, truly sharing in all of the diaper changes and snuggles of their son.  There was one moment during our photo shoot when mama was on the bed  holding baby Z and I was  photographing them, sunlight was streaming in through the window and it was a beautiful scene.  Dad was next to me just watching the sweetness as they snuggled together, she looked like such a natural mother, holding her baby with so much love in her eyes.  She looked amazingly beautiful, glowing almost.  And then Dad said “You know (Z) you have the most beautiful mother in the world”… and her smile lit up light a shining sun.  It was such a sweet moment to witness as a photographer.

I really enjoyed working with you S family and hope to photograph your baby boy as he grows!  Thank you for inviting me to document this wonderful time in your lives.


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