a 3 Month Old Baby and 3 Year Old Princess

Upon entering this family’s Charlotte home, I was immediately filled with the kind of warmth that you get when visiting your own family.  Baby brother was snoozing soundly in the living room, big sister was getting ready for her shoot, all dressed up in a sparkly lavender fairy dress, and it was the kind of hustle and bustle of family life that makes me feel right at home!  Within no time at all, I was in the room of a fairy princess jumping on her bed, reading stories and checking out toys.  It was truly like I had just hopped into a day in the life of this family, with all of their love, gentleness, and kindness.  It was nice to see how both parents were so involved in their child/ baby’s lives, equally sharing the responsibility of changing, getting snacks and occasionally bribing (yes, we do bribery on BBP photo shoots).  Dad had a way of getting baby G to smile and laugh and Mom took time to read RG a special story and snuggle with her.

I recently read an article in the Huffington Post about how moms need to be in more pictures with our children– after all, we are always there in our children’s lives.  Yet we are almost always behind the camera because our kids are just cuter… we feel like our hair could be better, we’re in our yoga pants on day two, etc (Well, you can read it here, she does a much better job of making the case than I do.)   I was thinking about that a lot as I was editing this session.  Not that this mama isn’t the image of beautiful perfection, but I just love the connection between both of these parents and their children. It is so real, and so pure.  And years from now, these children will look back and be able to SEE how much they were/ are loved.

They laughed, sang, snuggled, shared secrets through the afternoon, and I was there to document the whole thing– a wonderful, glorious, day in the life of a beautiful family!Baby gets mommy kisses

Photo of Mom and child read a story

Charlotte child jumps on her bed in photo

Little girl on a swing on an autumn day

Photography of a Charlotte baby and his dad

sweet little baby boy

Siblings in Charlotte NC