When I pulled up to the house for this family, I was greeted by the whole group and dog, all in beautifully put-together wardrobe ensembles that reflected the gorgeous color of the season.  The drive had been a bit stressful for me to say the least, fighting traffic and a persistent GPS taking me on nonsensical routes.  So it was a breath of crisp autumn air when I saw these five (or six if we count the fur-baby) with their bright smiles and beautiful brown eyes.  They turned my whole day around.


Our session together was fun and upbeat, complete with laughter, wrestling and silliness as well as some tender snuggling moments that made my camera’s little heart swell with love.  I loved talking to each of the children individually and finding out about them.  This is an interesting bunch!  They love traveling, eating, and music.

The kids got along so well, each relationship was unique in it’s own way.  Mom and Dad have instilled this home with a joie de vivre present and it was contagious.  We went on a trek through their neighborhood and found colorful leaves and golden sunlight, swung on tire swings and rolled in the grass.  As our session was concluding, I even got to hear Dad and C play some guitar together.  It was perfect!

K family, thank you so much!


Tossing leaves with Charlotte family

family playfully tosses autumn leaves

Candid photo portraits in Charlotte NC

happy fall family photo

Children's portrait photography in Charlotte NC

Tire swing picture with three children

natural light family photo

tender moments with father and kids

Great photo of a whole family snuggling.

Charlotte professional photographers portrait of a family

three children in the grass