Beautiful Charlotte NC Family Photography

I’ve been working with this family for years.  I think as a photographer, when you continue to work with a family time and again, there is a certain honesty that comes through the pictures that you can’t always get on the first session.  Maybe I get attached to the family because I feel like I know them personally, photographing their life’s major milestones.  Maybe the kids get used to me, and the guards come down quicker.

Anyway… looking through these photos, I think my love for this family is as evident as their love for each other.  They are truly the perfect family to photograph.  Their style is effortless, their kindness is tangible, and their interactions with each other are so authentic.  I truly think it takes several sessions to get to this level of comfort.  And this session is the perfect example.  In my opinion, these are our best portraits to date!!

I had the idea to somehow use this awesome vintage bike in a family session (AKA Mama Cass… she’s been in some of my wedding and big kid/ teen portraits but this is her debut in a family photo session).  It worked out better than I even imagined!!  I love it when that happens!!! 🙂

Thank you again T family… A, S, A and C….  everyone that knows you knows that you are just as lovely inside as you are in these portraits!

child held by her mother

Pretty child with good natural light

Happy family photo

Family photo on vintage bike

Vintage bike with child on handlebars

Apple for baby sister

Outdoor portrait of a baby and her dad

baby's toes picture

Outdoor family photos by Charlotte photographer

happy child on a quilt

Children's photography with orchard fruit

A sister wants to hug her baby sister

Father daughter portrait

Perfect family portrait